Our Family Photos {Massachusetts Family Photographers} Stevens-Coolidge Estate North Andover, Massachusetts

While we were doing our Garden Minis at The Stevens-Coolidge Estate, we enlisted the help of my Mom to come and babysit our little man while we were doing other families sessions. Since we were all going to be there, we knew this was the perfect opportunity to do some of our pictures! As photographers, we spend so much time behind the camera we rarely get to be in a photo with all three of us unless its a quick iPhone snap. We got there early and chased our 1.5 year old son Tripp around the gardens and got some adorable photos of him, and with each of us. 

Tripp's Monthly Photos: Massachusetts Children's Photographers

When our son Anthony III was born {who we now call Tripp} our world changed into such an amazing new experience. We are so lucky to say that he is such an easy going, happy and fun baby. Even though we do not typically do newborn photos we decided to jump in and do our sons newborn photos and we love the way they turned out.