Greycourt Park, Methuen Engagement Session {Massachusetts Engagement Photographer} Amanda & Connor

Amanda & Connor did their engagement session with us a few months ago, but since today feels like January I figured it was the perfect opportunity to share their photos. I struggled with how to title this blog because this session was SO MUCH MORE than just an engagement session! It was a engagement session, a family session, and a pregnancy reveal all wrapped up into one adorable package! I have known Amanda since we bought our home 5 years ago because she lives in our backyard. Not in the homeless vagrant kind of way, but she lives in the house behind I also live in her backyard. 

Greycourt Park Maternity Session {Massachusetts Maternity Photographers} Victoria & Jason

Greycourt Park is by far one of our favorite spots to do photo sessions so it was the perfect place to recommend for Victoria & Jason's Maternity Session! Most people who make the drive up the big hill behind Methuen Town Hall are always shocked to find such a hidden gem in our town! It was also the most appropriate place for us to discuss this weeks Game of Thrones {Considering the remains of Tenney Castle do look like a battle had happened here many years ago!}

Benson Park Maternity Session {New Hampshire Maternity Photographers} Juliann & Chris

There is nothing better in the whole world to me than spending time with a pregnant woman. They're so beautiful, excited but still a bit nervous, and Juliann was no exception. We woke up bright and early to start out maternity session double header at Benson's Farm in Hudson NH {Click here to see Meaghan and Rob's session from the same day}. Benson's Park is a recently renovated park with gorgeous pathways and a giant pond in the center, but it used be It used to be Bensons Wild Animal Farm which housed a zoo and an animal farm.