Methuen Senior Photographer

Rosanio Photography Senior Booking Guide {Massachusetts & New Hampshire Senior Photographers}

Picking the right spot can be difficult and is very personal for each student. We always try to offer lots of different options so we can help find the right spot for each of them! When deciding where to go, I always refer back to what your Senior’s interests might be. Maybe they love going to the beach, or going for hikes, maybe they spent countless hours in the library devouring books or even longer on the ice rink. It is so important to tailor each session to your Senior to make sure that their photos reflect their High School career and the things that they loved along the way.

Greycourt State Park Senior Session {Methuen Senior Photographer} James Class of 2016

We returned to our favorite local park, Greycourt State Park, to do James' Senior Photos {You might remember we were here a few weeks ago doing his cousin Cameron's Senior Photos} this week and had another great session there. The best part about having your session here is that there are so many places to take photos, which ensures that no two shoots are exactly the same.

Phillips Academy Bird Sanctuary Senior Session {Massachusetts Senior Photographer} Ilana Class of 2016

Every year around this time the calls start coming in for last minute senior sessions, and we love it because they are some of our favorite sessions to do! Ilana is one busy lady with ballet every evening but we were able to sneak right around the corner from her house for her session at the Phillips Academy Bird Sanctuary {Moncrieff Cochran Wildlife Sanctuary}. 

Greycourt State Park Senior Session {Massachusetts Senior Photographer} Cameron Class of 2016

We are often asked for suggestions on where to do our clients photo sessions, and at the top of our list is always Searles Castle {aka Greycourt Park} in Methuen. Tucked away on a hill behind Methuen Town Hall is a hidden gem, that we did not discover until we started doing photography. When asked where to do Cameron's senior photos, I knew this would be the perfect spot.